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Meet Our Founder

Life is filled with the unexpected.  I never expected to be a mom to two children on the autistic spectrum.  I never expected to be a single mom.  So many unanticipated possibilities.

When my children were diagnosed with autism, like so many parents, I started studying ways to help my children.  That included dietary changes.  Thus began my quest to find foods that fit into my children's special diets which they would actually enjoy.  My son liked smoked foods. 

Beginning with a  small, back yard smoker, I began experimenting with smoking all kinds of different foods.  When I gave the snack foods to friends, family, and neighbors, they loved it.  Years later, I decided to turn my passion and hobby into a business so that the world can enjoy these amazing flavors, and Naturally Cravables was born. 

Naturally Cravables is another unanticipated possibility.  I invite you to try the unexpected flavors born of one mom's search to find special diet conscious foods that taste so good that even those who don't have to follow a special diet will enjoy them and want to eat them again and again.


Company Values

Clean: We will provide high quality snacks that are simple, minimally processed, and good for you. Our food will be honest.

Kind: We donate 5% of our profits to Stop the Stigma- a autism nonprofit that provides services to underpriveldged families who are dealing with children on the autistic specturm. 

Responsible: As we grow, Naturally Cravables will hire, as much as possible, other young people on the autistic spectrum.     


Cravables for a Cause

I have met many parents of autistic children through my pro bono representation.  Stacey Youman is one of those parents.  Seeing many low income families with children on the autistic spectrum, Stacey decided to help.  She started first by finding sponsors to help these low income families with Christmas gifts for their children.  Then Stacey found a summer pony camp willing to serve children on the autistic spectrum.  Stacey started fund raising to cover the cost of pony camp for as many autistic children as possible.  Stacey now runs fund raising events throughout the year to fund these projects.

Naturally Cravables donates 5% of its profits to Stacey's charity Stop the Stigma.